Azure HDInsight XSS Vulnerabilities: Analysis, Impact, and Remediation

Multiple Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, encompassing Stored XSS and Reflected XSS, have been detected in Azure HDInsight, with severity ratings ranging from 4.5 (Medium) to 4.6 (Medium). These vulnerabilities impacted various products, including Azure Apache Oozie, Apache Ambari, Jupyter Notebooks, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Hive 2. However, Microsoft addressed these vulnerabilities in their Security update released on August 8th.

Stored XSS vulnerabilities comprised 6 instances, along with 2 instances of Reflected XSS, as reported by Cyber Security News. Among these, 4 Stored XSS vulnerabilities were identified in Apache Ambari, concerning YARN Configurations, YARN Queue Manager, Background Operations, and Managed Notifications, all under CVE-2023-36881. The remaining Stored XSS instances were found in Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Oozie, under CVE-2023-35394 and CVE-2023-36877, respectively. CVE-2023-35394 pertained to Code Execution in Jupyter Notebooks with a severity of 4.6 (Medium), while CVE-2023-36877 related to Web Console Stored XSS with a severity of 4.5 (Medium).

Regarding Reflected XSS, two vulnerabilities were identified in Apache Hadoop and Apache Hive 2, categorized under CVE-2023-38188 and CVE-2023-35393, both with a severity of 4.5 (Medium), and exploitable via endpoint manipulation.

Orca Security has released a comprehensive report detailing the exploitation and proof-of-concept of these vulnerabilities. Users are advised to update their products to the latest version to mitigate the risk of exploitation.

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